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Our story

Our aim is to be conscious of our actions, which is why we have laid down golden rules for all of our work:


  • Enjoy yourself!

  • Our safety and health is our top priority.

  • We speak to each other and not on top of each other.

  • We strive to create a good work atmosphere.

  • We keep our promises.

  • We sell quality.

  • Full transparency and honesty in our dealing with our partners (banks, authorities, customers, suppliers, employees).

  • Innovations – YES!

  • We work with selected partners who share the same philosophy. 

  • We make environmentally conscious decisions. 

  • We are always charming and open.


Hirschalm GmbH

The Hirschalm company was founded in 1998 by Johann Wurzer and taken over 15 years later by Leonhard Merckens in March 2013.

The company buys shed antlers globally and sells them on international markets.

Shed antlers are used for decorative purposes (cutlery, buttons, furniture) as well as in traditional Chinese medicine as a remedy for osteoporosis in older people, especially women.

Hirschalm has also been producing chew sticks for dogs since 2014.

Leonhard Merckens 
Leonhard Merckens was born in 1973 as the youngest son of a pharmacist and entrepreneur in Schwertberg, Upper Austria.

After concluding his studies in business administration in Germany, France and the US, he started his professional career in an Austrian management consulting agency. After fulfilling several managerial duties in the paper industry and waste management, Leonhard Merckens decided to take over the[1]trading company Hirschalm.

Leonhard Merckens, sole owner of the Hirschalm company, lives with his wife Elisabeth, their 4 children and their Magyar Vizsla dog Mia in Rainfeld, Lower Austria.

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